What’s This About Rick Springfield?

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I have had many opportunities to see Rick in concert. Each time is a renewal for me to remember that life isn’t all that bad. I may have difficulties from time to time when I think of the hand I’ve been dealt. I may not know where the road I am on is heading but I do know that I can take these little detours along the way to rejuvenate my spirit.

In July 2010, Michaela and I ventured to Denver to visit my best friend. Rick was performing at a venue near by and we went to the show. It was a general admission show and that meant getting there early to get a decent seat. And being the middle of July it meant for a very long hot day of waiting. We waited for hours to get seats close to the stage. We were fortunate to do so. Michaela passed the time making a sign to hold up during the show and I passed the time coveting a white guitar at the souvenir stand. As I stared at this guitar the thought that I should just seize moments to remember kept going through my mind. Buying this guitar meant that I would get to go backstage to meet Rick to have him sign it. It had been 28 years since my first concert. I had been within inches of him at many concerts but could never bring myself to reach out and touch him. Now I was standing at the souvenir stand shaking. An unemployed widow spending this kind of money – it was foolishness. What was I thinking?

Seize the moment.

I bought that guitar. And I took my little girl backstage with me to have Rick sign it. He signed it to both of us which I asked him to do because one day that guitar would be all hers. I told him that I had waited 28 years for this moment. I am not sure he knew exactly how to react to that. I was pretty nervous and praying that I wouldn’t say anything retarded. I did of course. I told him that he was saying “Kristine – AH!” and not “Kristina”… I’m such a fangirl! A couple hugs and a kiss on the cheek later, it was over. I met my idol – finally.

By September, Michaela and I were in Malibu attending the screening and walking the red carpet – the same one that Rick walked that very  night! It felt like a dream and in many ways I can’t believe it all happened but even now, a year later I am still working with Yellow Rick Road productions getting their marketing in place in preparation for getting their film ready for release in the theaters and ultimately DVD.

In November 2011, Michaela and I went on the Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise! I don’t even know how to begin to talk about this because the cruise is the quintessential Rick Fan excursion and they made the 2011 cruise the VERY last one! WAAH! They did announce a “land Rick-cation” in Cancun for 2012 but the expense and location kept me from going – and that is probably a good thing. I can see this getting out of hand – I shouldn’t be having this much fun after all… Oh who am I kidding? We’re heading to Florida in November 2013 for the next Rick Springfield & Friends Adventure! w00t!

Ok..back to the 2011 Cruise…Our time in the Caribbean with Rick went pretty well considering we were amongst hundreds of other rabid fans. No. It wasn’t perfect all the time but we met some really great people and I believe we made friendships that are long lasting. That right there is reason enough to celebrate having gone. The Rick World isn’t filled with all freakazoids but ahem, yeah there are some that roam these events and uh… well, no comment.